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4010 Kingfisher Dr. York, SC 29745
Fleet Captain George Medler

About Us
Commodore Yacht Club
Commodore Yacht Club was established by Wilson Lewith on property that was located in what is now known as “River Hills Country Club”.  The road was then name Commodore Drive.  It was called “Belk’s River House” in the mid to late 50’s.  It was renamed as Commodore Yacht Club and moved to Concord Road in the late 1960’s.  It originally was created with 50 to 60 slips, with a small clubhouse, that has grown to 80 slips with a 1500 sq ft. club house at present.

In 1989, Hurricane Hugo came through and destroyed the club.  With only a few docks that were salvageable, they set out to re-build.  They did just that.

Commodore Yacht Club is a great place to feel like you are at your “home away from home”.  Many of our members spend their weekends here, some year-round.  We have group club parties where everyone comes with their children and grandchildren, guests from out of town, and friends from across the miles.